Whole Lotta Zepp Video Biog

Whole Lotta Zepp are not just another Led Zeppelin tribute. We are a music collective dedicated to recreating the majesty of Zeppelin’s music as it sounded on their albums.

Whole Lotta Zepp’s maiden voyage was in the Sugar Club on 25th September 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of John Bonham’s death. The show consisted of a number of classic Zep tunes, a three drummer working of Moby Dick, and a massive Zep medley consisting of 30 songs in 13 minutes.

2011 saw us going from strength to strength and that year we celebrated Led Zeppelin IV’s 40th birthday by playing the whole album from start to finish. Again, this took place in the Sugar Club on Saturday 1st October. We had a 10 piece band this time out, featuring our trademark 3 drummers on 3 different kits.  Our 30 song medley “Med Zeppelin” grew to a 45 song medley and we were handing out prizes like it was fookin Chrimbo. Lucky winners walked away with a Les Paul style guitar, a Zildjian cymbal pack, a beautiful hand made Betts Custom Drums snare drum and Hard Rock Cafe vouchers on the day. This gig was also our first to feature an all ages Matinee followed by an over 18s Evening show.

On the 13th of October 2012, it was Houses of the Holy from start to finish, to commemorate its milestone 39th anniversary.

2013 we went back to the early Zep days with  Led Zeppelin II Live. This record spawned many classics including Heartbreaker, Ramble On, Moby Dick and of course, Whole Lotta Love.

In 2014, on October 11th in The Sugar Club, we came over all folksy and performed Led Zeppelin III in all its acoustic glory. Keeping it more trad Zep, the album also brought us some rockers in the form of the howling Immigrant Song, the powerful, Since I’ve Been Loving You and Zep’s ode to getting the jar on, Out on the Tiles.

2015 saw us taking on the biggie; Physical Graffiti, live in all its double album wonder! AT last, we got to perform the 11 minute “In My Time of Dying”, among many other Zep favourites.

Our band line up is dictated by what we are playing. Whatever instrumentation we need for the song, we get. For 2017, our line up will be:

  • Dan O’Connor – guitar
  • Darren Isaacson – bass, keys
  • Jim Chandler – vocals
  • Laura Mackey – guitar
  • Duncan Maitland – keys
  • Paul Gordon – guitar, bass
  • Brian Palm – harmonica
  • Johnny Boyle – drums
  • Jay Oglesby – drums
  • Simon Freedman – drums, BVs


Past members have included:

  • John Millar – peddle steel, guitar
  • Cormac Curran – Keys
  • Steve Walters – bass
  • Suzanne Phelan – vocals
  • Orla Breslin – vocals
  • Rob Daly – keys, mandolin, vocals, bass
  • Dara Munnis – keys
  • Graham Hopkins – drums
  • Binzer Brennan – drums

And the forests will echo with laughter…


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